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If you do not see the service you require please contact us as it may be something we can provide and is not included as part of this website at the current time.


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During this consultation Dr Wilson will take a full history, identify current problems and your current life situation. By the end of this consultation she will give you some recommendations with regard to treatment or diagnosis if appropriate. In addition Dr Wilson will outline how she may be able to assist and identify some initial ideas about what might be helpful. Please provide Dr Wilson with further information when booking so that she can be sure she will be able to meet your needs with this appointment. 

(Please note: Dr Wilson is not offering diagnostic services for educational purposes at the current time due to availability)

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Once you have met Dr Wilson for an initial consult you may agree to move forward with private psychological therapy sessions. During these sessions you will work together to address agreed goals, to develop new strategies for thinking, feeling and acting that are in keeping with your personal values. You will have the opportunity to explore unresolved difficulties and emotions, and to gain a greater understanding of your current situation and the functioning of the human mind. All approaches are based on evidence based through research and practice, and are supported with reflective practice. The aim of psychological therapy is to enable you to identify your path towards a rich, full and meaningful life.

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As individuals working in the helping professions we all need to ensure that we are looking after ourselves and our clients as best we can. Supervision and psychological therapy is an important part of this process for us all whether as individuals or part of a group. Contact Dr Wilson for more information.


Contact Dr Wilson for more information and to discuss your requirements

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